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The Sciencefiles man

The Sciencefiles team consists of the best specialists in clinical trial documentation development in the Russian Federation. You can join us if you share our attributes. We need your will and principles more than we need your professional experience. Were looking for people who like to give, not like to get.

Are you ready to throw yourself into the clinical studies, as we are?

The Sciencefiles man is certain that only safe, effective drugs and devices should be used. He agrees that drugs and medical device clinical trials are:

  • Currently the best way to avoid harmful and ineffective treatment
  • A good balance between modern science and some ethics, laws, and financial limitations
  • A complex technology with each step requiring serious quality control

Are you ready to achieve well, as we are?

The Sciencefiles man does his job properly on time regardless of the complexity of the task. Time management is one of the most difficult things for humans. Everyones looking for balance between job and personal life, between work and relaxation. We dont care how you plan your day; we care much more that the work is done on time.

Are you ready to learn, as we are?

We deal with fast-moving information, so we have to stay up-to-date on the latest studies for quick orientation and unique project management. The Sciencefiles man gains new knowledge and uses it for creatively resolving tasks. To stay one step ahead of our competitors, we continue learning about the newest technologies.

Are you ready for teamwork, as we are?

The Sciencefiles man doesnt work alone; hes part of a team. Qualities that team members possess include time and work appreciation, helpfulness, being open to communication, politeness, punctuality, being obliging, attention to detail all of these qualities are important for a professional business environment and they ensure comfortable and effective team work.

How to become our staff member?

First choose a vacant position. Then fill in the feedback form. Be ready to send us your resume. The employment process has three steps. Each step is defined individually for a particular candidate.

  1. Interview with the company director (up to 30 min)
  2. Test work (up to 14 days)
  3. Real project training (up to 1 month)

Send curriculum vitae



Youre expected to do

  • Statistical analysis plan
  • Statistical analysis

You need to know
  • Basic writing skills (MS Word at least at the styles management level)
  • Biostatistics
  • Regulatory documentation knowledge (for example ICH Good Clinical Practice)
  • Statistical languages (Stata and R)

Working conditions
  • Contract agreement based on employment history
  • Career growth under experienced biostatistician
  • Remote work with a flexible schedule
  • Completion-type contract project work
  • The biostatistic information resources available in the corporate library