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Reasonable Prices

Clinical study development is about 1% of the study budget, but this 1% ensures the efficacy of the other 99%. The new drug market launch will aid a bit in the recovery of all the documentation development expenses. Our service cost is a drop in a bucket compared with clinical trial and global marketing expenses.

Development of documentation for just one clinical study requires a team of 5 to 7 specialists. These experts will have invested decades of their time along with hundreds of thousands of rubles for their education to acquire their knowledge and expertise. By working with Sciencefiles, you will save money by not having to hire a special in-house staff.

We minimize personnel charges. All our employees use their own technical equipment. At the same time, all the documentation interchange and team communication is done remotely through our server ensuring safety and all changes being tracked.

Our employees work on the specific project and receive a salary according to their participation and the quality control results.

We dont have superfluous people. We provide outsourcing services, and sometimes ask for help in non-major business areas (law, design, programming etc.).

Because our business is internet based with the Virtual Office, we dont have any office rental expenses. Our specialists work remotely, which allows us to bring together the most experienced and talented medical writers, data managers, and biostatisticians.