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Guaranteed Results

We want customers to be certain about our companys reliability and responsibility, so we guarantee:

Meeting Deadlines

Each project deadline is available in the customers personal account, so we always keep each deadline in mind and assure appropriate time management.

Providing Quality

Professionals with extensive scientific and practical experience work on your project. The licensed software we use is also a guarantor of the high quality of our work with a minimum of mathematical data analysis errors. For statistical analysis, we use Stata (StataCorp, USA), also widely used by professionals worldwide.

Fixing Errors

We provide a three-year warranty for all of our work. You can call for amendments for free at any time. In addition, the entire project history, including communication and files, is available in your personal account so it can be reached easily, and all required corrections can be made.


Confidentiality of all customer-provided information is one of our guiding principles. You may be sure that your intellectual property and data are secure. We understand your wish to avoid the risk of data leakage. Thats why we developed this scheme for information security:

  • All our employees are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.
  • The contract also includes a confidential information non-disclosure paragraph, so we dont let your data out even before the contract is signed.
  • Sometimes we need data from you for cost and deadline calculation. In this case based on your desire, we can provide an additional nondisclosure agreement before contract execution.
  • All the project communication including file interchange goes through your personal account at the company website. The data interchange goes through the secured SSL protocol, ensuring the information cant be leaked to a third part. More on the SSL protocol.
  • Our company site provides secured hosting with climate control, gaseous fire suppression systems, data back up, access control, and CCTV monitoring.