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We apply the individual approach to our work, looking for seamless cooperation, and knowing that each project is unique. We regularly inform the customer about the progress of the work. The same company specialist, who understands the requirements of previous orders, manages all projects for the same customer. Because the deadline and cost are calculated specifically for each project, we dont post this information on the website.

Simple, quick document management is provided by the special electronic management system Virtual Office. Electronic document interchange, communication with writers, easy search for information about current or previous projects along with keeping a five-year history of customer orders is available in the Virtual Office personal account.

First, the customer signs into Virtual Office and creates a new project. On the same day, the Sciencefiles administrator connects the customer with the appropriate company specialists for project deadline and cost discussion. The work begins after all arrangements have been made. A team of specialists under their leaders guidance works on each project. The administrator provides project management and quality control. After the work is finished, the documents are transferred to the customer through Virtual Office. Now its time for final arrangements, upon which the certificate of acceptance is signed and the payment is provided. Further work on the project is based on the companys warranty policy.

Unlimited teleconferences provide a means for participants to stay in touch with the project team and quickly and effectively discuss with writers and the administrator all questions that have arisen.

On the first working day of the project, our partners from Europe are provided with all administrative decisions weve made 1-2 hours earlier due to the time zone difference.

More details about Virtual Office:
We offer our clients the electronic order management system Virtual Office free of charge. All information is encrypted with the SSL protocol. You must register to begin working. Click on the activation link sent to your email inbox to access your account along with the password you provided at registration.

The advantages of Virtual Office:

  • Communication with several specialists at the same time
  • Record of communication history
  • File upload/download
  • Electronic document flow
  • Record of order history
Virtual Office main capabilities:
  • Communication. Virtual Office provides communication with our specialists, and a recorded history of the discussions and data confidentiality and safety. Please use phone, email, or site feedback form for common and technical questions.
  • File exchange. You can upload your text files, electronic tables, or databases to the site for further transfer to our specialists. After finishing the project, youll receive an email notification that final documents are available in your personal account.
  • Document interchange. Our company signs a mandatory service contract with each customer. The service contract will be available in the Virtual Office; the original paper document will be sent to you by mail.
  • Unlike email communication, all the data interchange goes through the encrypted SSL protocol, so you can be sure of the confidentiality of all information.